It's in the Details | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

It's Friday! I'm savoring my last weekend off before the Fall season picks up and today I wanted to share a little bit about why Lydia at times looks at me like I'm crazy and I assure her I'm not. Often times we walk into beautiful reception venues and while shooting the details we work our way over to the cake table and many times while it's in a beautiful location- that location isn't the absolute greatest for a gorgeous picture.

This is just one example below of when I said, "Hey Lydia come give me a hand..." and we carefully held our breathe used all our strength and repositioned the cake table. Maybe we're crazy and yes sometimes it's a risk but instead of this picture...

Wouldn't you rather have this?

So truth be told we really only moved the cake. It's just a matter of seeing things differently, seeing the details and working to create the absolute best image I possibly can.

Before and after:

Let me know your thoughts... what image you prefer and if you'd like to see more "behind the scenes" pictures are stories by leaving your comments below!