Their Furry Babies Made Their Day Complete | {Constance Manor Wedding Pictures}

One of my favorite parts of the day is to walk in and see the bride and meet all her girlfriends. I hadn't met Katie until the morning of her wedding but she couldn't have been more helpful or sweet on our arrival. It was a bright and sunny day and it was finally her day... the day she'd get to become Mrs. Tommy Stiffler. Joined by their closest friends and in the company of their friends and family they exchanged their vows at Constance Manor. Lori and her team worked diligently to be sure Katie's day went off without a hitch and took such great care of her and all her guests!

We met Katie and the girls at the hotel just down the street from the Manor and it wasn't long before we were on our way to her stepping into her dress and starting pictures... here's their story.

You were such a beautiful bride girl.. you rocked it!

just before we started taking pictures with the bridesmaid they handed her a sweet note from the groom...

These girls were not only beautiful but oh so much fun and I absolutely LOVED their dresses!

It was pretty warm so we wrapped pictures up as quickly and brought the guys out...

Such a good lookin' group of guys.. and they were so easy to work with too!

Katie and Tommy didn't do a first look so we took a few minutes right after their ceremony to capture some candid moments of them soaking in the moment of "being married!"

Absolutely love the next picture!

Katie told me they'd have their pups dressed up and present after the ceremony for pictures and I'm SO happy they brought them by to take part in the pictures. Favorite pictures of the day!

And just after the first dances were complete we went back out to grab just a few more pictures at sunset...

and as quickly as the day had started it came to an end.


Thank you Katie and Tommy for allowing us to capture your memories and all the beautiful stories that were a part of your wedding day! I hope you guys have a fantastic time on your Mediterranean cruise and I can't wait to hear about it when you return! Here's to the best in the years to come! Congrats!!