She was His Rock | {Washington Il Outdoor Wedding Photographer}

I don't know that there are words to express how much I absolutely loved being a part of this wedding. After meeting the family and spending a couple of days with them in December for Candace's wedding I knew this Sunday was going to be special. I've never met a family so dedicated to one another, willing to help and support one another in everything, and a mother so giving, dedicated and loving. So many pieces of Candace's wedding were sentimental, stitched together with love and carried a story but this family took things a step farther with Meggan's wedding.

The setting was the family's backyard. With a carefully crafted path finished just in time for the big event to the 400+ spinning and non-spinning pinwheels each crafted by hand with love and care. Even the amazing made from scratch cookies, desserts, chicken, pulled pork and all the sides were made by the family, and after multiple fittings and the tailor eventually nearly destroying Meggan's dress the day before her wedding it was her sweet mom, Candy who calmed her daughters nerves and stayed up well past midnight to carefully mend the hem and perfect the fit of her daughter's wedding dress.

When we arrived I knocked and hollered, "hello". I then heard Lydia holler from the kitchen, "She's in mom and dad's room". With a chuckle it was then I realized I was a part of this family... welcomed in to celebrate with everyone this very special day.

If ever two people were meant to be together it was Meggan and Chuck because you see, Meggan worked for Chuck's family long before they met.. quietly admiring the pictures of "a really cute guy". One afternoon they met while he was back from college and eventually they started talking and spending time together. They'd started dating and Meggan had naturally become a part of the family when one tragic night Chuck's mom was killed in a car accident. It was in their moment of darkness that Meggan was this families light, when they were weak she was strong and held them up, loved selflessly and when it might have looked like hope was gone... she was the reminder they still had one another and they'd be strong together.

Her jewelry was from the groom and carried a very special significance as the blue stones matched the cut and stones in her engagement ring but more importantly the band surrounding the emerald in the necklace was his mom's engagement ring and at the top  there are 3 diamonds taken from her wedding band.

Her mom even crafted fabric pinwheel bouquets (the bride's alone took more than 6 days and countless hours of beading and sewing) and Meggan's friend bedazzled some beautiful little blue flats with the help of over 8 episodes of ugly betty.

On the left is her grandmother's dress and to the right hung the dress of the day. I just love when shots like this simply "happen".


Sweet Candace looks on in approval of her sister as a bride.

I absolutely love this picture.

Meggan has such a sweet spirit, always smiling and laughing.

How pretty is the walkway lined with pinwheels!?

Her daddy married her and she had each of her brothers help walk her down the aisle. Such a neat idea and SO sweet.

The afternoon was absolutely perfect.

and after they kissed as husband and wife they were suppose to walk down the aisle to be cheered by their guests.. or so we thought. Instead they took off back up the walkway hand in hand at quite a quick pace. Without even thinking I just took off running sprinting... around the back of the guests and back up the side... all the way back up to the top of the aisle just in time to get this shot. They had no idea what just happened... but their guests sure took notice at our hustle... I simply smiled and said, anything to get the shot!

Not a detail was missed and each was crafted by hand.

It was such a beautiful afternoon I couldn't help but suggest that they do their first dances outside the tent on the lawn... Meggan loved the idea and look just how beautiful their surroundings were!

Everyone formed a circle around them as they danced... sooo sweet!

I'm not sure what the secret was over there... but apparently there were a couple of them!

During the father daughter dance her daddy sang the same song to her that he sang to her mother on their wedding day.

In honor of Chuck's mom they had Meggan's parents and Chuck's father and step-mother dance.

Did I mention I really LOVE this family and group of people!?

and just before we left for the reception we snuck away to another part of the yard with just Chuck and Meggan.

that's her grandparent's swing on the right. Many evenings have been shared by these two swinging in this swing.

We headed into town for the reception part II. Her sweet sisters had cleaned the placed until it shined (literally) and it was a family effort to make some absolutely fabulously delicious desserts...

Meggan had a little surprise up her sleeve for Chuck. Her and his grandma had worked together and she'd purchased his grandfathers old mustang and this was the moment he saw it parked behind the band... he was in utter shock. priceless.

Meggan and Chuck, words can't express how much it meant to come celebrate with you. Thank you for including us and welcoming us with open arms. I love you both and your families and can't wait until you come visit Atlanta!

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