"The Cute College Guy" part 2 | {Westside Engagement Pictures}

I'm so excited to bring you part II of "the cute college guy" and his beautiful fiancé. Just in case you missed the first installment you'll want to head over and check that out here. They share a love for music and disney and Harry Potter but when you can snag a free sample or make it home without traffic then it makes any day better!

So before the session Hannah said how she loved the creative and artistic side of my work and they were looking forward to using their pictures to decorate the walls of their home... there are plenty of amazing pictures but I can already see this in a beautiful canvas hanging in their home. I absolutely LOVE this picture.

cute. cute. CUTE.

I love this as they are surrounded by her favorite little notes Jason has left either in the jar for her to read when she needs a little extra love or hidden in her bag, purse, or dresser. Just little notes to let her know how much he cares.

another favorite.

Seriously guys- you both simply rocked it.

and this is where the magic happened. We crossed into this area and I got a little giddy (they were both witnesses of my excitement). It wasn't because of the clouds, or the skyline but that I'd walked across just the right area and saw something really special. I envisioned something even more amazing and the images were exactly what I'd envisioned in those moments... an epic moment indeed.

Love her tiptoes!

So I hope they have lots of walls in their home together because really- how are you ever to choose a favorite?

Jason and Hannah you guys are such sweet people and the love you share is absolutely Beautiful. I am so honored to be your photographer and really can't wait to see you guys get married next June. I have no doubt that it's going to be absolutely magical!