"The Cute College Guy" | {Westside Engagement Pictures}

Oh my word. I hope you're ready to experience the most fun couple I've met to date. For a couple who might have been a little worried about how "photogenic" they were (but who doesn't get a little nervous around cameras??) these two didn't have any trouble letting go and having FUN. We met on an early, cloudy and cool morning. Hannah agreed to 8:30 and Jason was on the same page but while they were running their Alien Half Marathon the evening before (yes it was a night run) Jason asked about the pictures and seemed a bit surprised at the time. He thought they were meeting me a little later but even though they were both a little short on sleep they weren't short on energy or smiles or the fact they are absolutely smitten with one another.

They met at Battle of the Bands in Kennesaw- they both happened to be judges. His job was finding bands and hers was judging them at the competition. At the time she was still in high school and he was "the cute college guy". She noticed him but didn't give him a second thought- even after his mom introduced them. Somehow he caught word she played lacrosse and asked her if she'd teach him (but she doesn't remember him asking). He thought he'd been ignored and moved on...

They started talking on Facebook about a movie they both loved and in just a couple of weeks they were officially dating!

While passing time in class Jason realized their initials together formed a really cool "JH". So it wasn't long before they started seeing and creating their "JH" symbol in everything around them.

absolutely LOVE this!

um. love.

She loves the smell of coffee and he loves surprising her. He's spent countless hours in traffic, planning and scheming new ways to surprise her but her favorite was on a trivia night in Athens. She was with her friends, missing him and just after they were seated she felt a hand on her shoulder and a guy asking if the seat beside her was available. He'd driven up from Atlanta to have dinner with her- the first of his many little surprises but it's still her favorite.

No matter what they do.. as long as these two are together they are happy and you can't help but laugh and smile and share in their Joy.

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