The Sandy Beaches of Cabo San Lucas | {A Long Overdue Vacation}

Sandy beaches and Sun... it came in the perfect timing and right at the end of our Summer run of weddings. My husband's mom was sweet enough to give us a week vacation a couple of years ago and it was quite perfect. 80's, beaches, sun, infinity pools, lots of Mexican, Italian and Sushi... lots of walking and window shopping. Meeting other vacationers as well as the locals. I turned my phone off and only checked my email twice. (my goal next year is to not check in at all... it's SO hard though!) I sat poolside with my iPad and several good books. I completed Kisses from Katie an incredible story about a 18 year old girl who left her "life" behind to start a new one in Uganda helping the children and young girls there. Quite inspiring- I highly recommend it! You can follow her journey here.  I then dug into Love Does and I'm still digesting and slowly finishing this book. It's one of those that if you stop and take the time it'll make you think. Years ago I'd read Redeeming Love and had always wanted to read it again.. so that's exactly what I did. Such a great book- even the second time. The rest of the week was spent walking the streets of Cabo, eating, talking about how amazing our last meal(s) were, going on a camel safari, and then we ended the week with a sunset cruise. Here's just a little peek into our week of bliss.

The waves crashed SO loudly against the beach it sounded like thunder and you could hear it from pretty far away. As you can see on the upper right.. someone nearly got taken under by the giant waves. We weren't able to swim on this beach because the rip current was extremely dangerous.

So birds are pretty to look at but I'm not the biggest fan of them sitting on my shoulder.. and then insisting on kissing me...

Our tour guide was excellent and LOVED his job. We took a little walking tour of the desert and learned about the plants and animals that make this dry barren land their home.

These Cacti plants don't mess around as you can see below.... YIKES!

Camel Safari!

And then I guess I "broke the rules" and was informed I wasn't allowed to take pictures (see bottom right picture above). Sorry.

There was a lot of wind so sadly we weren't able to go around to the ocean side and sunset beach so we spent 3 hours idling around in the bay.

One day we rented a car and took a trip up the coast... we finally found the beautiful blue/green water and sandy beaches!

It hasn't rained in years where we were staying in Cabo and when we saw this cloud ahead of us we were only about an hour away... on the other side of the mountain they still get rain. Kinda crazy!

That's what you'd call a wall of water. Thankfully by the time we drove through it had dissipated a bit so it didn't wash us off the road.


We realized this was the first trip we've taken as a couple since our honeymoon... but intend to not let that happen again. Time away from the hustle and bustle of life is SO important and every last day we enjoyed to its fullest. Thanks to Casey and Erin for coming along and exploring all Mexico had to offer with us! I'm already looking forward to next year.

Where's your favorite place to vacation? Do you have any suggestions of must see places to visit?