The Vegetarian who disliked Vegetables | {Atlanta Engagement Pictures}

A little coffee shop with lots of character, comfy couches, beautiful light, a very good black coffee (what Micah prefers) and exposed brick walls all matched with East Atlanta charm carries a special meaning to Stephanie and a Micah. This is home to many of those early dating memories... homework, studying, and long talks getting to know each other. They were in the Model Arab League together when they first met but it wasn't until the following semester when they attended a conference together and Stephanie happened to sit next to him during lunch that they really spoke to one another. She thought he was acting a little strange picking all the vegetables off his garden salad, she kindly asked what he was doing and he then told her he was a vegetarian, to which she responded, "all those things were vegetables". With a smile he then admitted he was a vegetarian but didn't really like vegetables. Strange right? They continued to be friends(as they were both dating other individuals) but it would be another semester (and a couple of breakups) before they'd spend more time together and discover that there might be something different here. So even though they tried to keep their "dating" a secret from their friends in the Model Arab League looking back with a smile and a laugh Stephanie admitted it had to have been pretty obvious from all their flirting and crushing something was going on with the two of them!

After graduating Stephanie remained in Atlanta while Micah moved to Istanbul to learn Turkish and do his Master's. The miles between them are many and they've had their share of Skype dates over the past 9 months. Stephanie went to visit last Christmas and it was then- at the airport in Istanbul that Micah asked her to be his wife. He recently returned home to help finish the wedding planning, enjoy the little things of this life he's missed (like chocolate milk), but most importantly for the day he gets to marry this beautiful girl and take her back to Istanbul as his wife!

We met them in East Atlanta on a hot July afternoon and while they enjoyed reading and chatting... we went to work capturing their joy and smiles.

It wasn't long though before we decided to brave the heat outside... they were such champs to be close and loving despite it being HOT n humid!


my favorite from the night. SO CUTE!