Welcome Home

Typically the last thing I want to do after shooting a wedding is rise early the next morning- specially if it's the one day I have to sleep past 7. But this Sunday I was eager to crawl out of bed bright and early, grab some breakfast and jump back in the car and head to the airport to meet Devan's family.Devan contacted me while eagerly waiting to get home to her family after spending the past 6 months in Afganistan and I was honored she'd found my info and wanted me to partake and capture such special and heartfelt moments.
Much like a wedding you only get one pass... we eagerly waited for her to come up those stairs and as I saw her from a distance I looked back to her husband who shook his head with a big grin as to say "that's her".
Not knowing how little Mya would react.... once she realized it was her mommy with a bright smile and pure joy written across her face she spread her arms wide and went running into her mommy's arms. Such a joyous and emotional moment.. tears shed by everyone.  
Thank you Devan for your sacrifice and service. It was truly an honor to meet you and spend those long waiting moments with your beautiful family. I hope the next several months of being home are blissful and filled with love, joy and lots of new memories with your family!