Do they make you Feel Something?

Last week I received a message in my inbox that warmed my heart and made my day. It was from one of my former brides- Anna*. "I just wanted to send you a quick message smile Before our wedding, I almost booked a friend of a friend to shoot our wedding. Then I met you at the bridal show and quickly changed my mind. Fast forward a year+ later, and my friend used her friend for her wedding (Is this making sense?) Well she got her pictures back and let's just say I am so glad I made the decision I did!!!! Her photographers were awesome people, but I like my pictures 102937482910 times better!!! I still look at them often and receive compliments every time someone sees them smile.

Thank you for being so amazing!!"


*for privacy reasons her real name was not used

I share this as it's a gentle reminder that these pictures- your wedding pictures aren't just snapshots but they are memories and pictures you'll look back on time and time again. The images can either be pretty pictures that you had fun taking or they can be beautiful images that move you and make you feel something and bring you back to the beauty, happiness and love you shared and felt on the day you got married.

I don't deny that your photographer should be someone you'd invite as a wedding guest and that you enjoy being around them (simply because you'll spend the entire wedding day with this person). But more than just a great personality it's SO important that you see a full body of work, not just a pretty portfolio. You may even enjoy their pictures but can you see yourself in those wedding pictures?

When you're researching wedding photographers what makes them stand out to you? Is it the beautiful, creative and unique pictures? Or the photographers that showcase emotional imagery the work that goes beyond a beautiful picture and makes you feel something? Maybe it's the pictures that do both. The images that are both beautiful, full of emotion and make you feel something. These pictures make you eager to have some just as beautiful and engaging of your own.


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