Marrying Their First Love | {Marietta Wedding Photographer}

It was such an honor to be part of a wedding day that was years in the making. You see this bride and groom were one another's first love back in the years of high school. They shared their first kiss but also experienced their first heartbreak as life lead them down different roads. Little did they know one day life would bring them back together again. It was a gorgeous Saturday morning that I met Stephanie for the first time- glowing with excitement and anticipation for her wedding day... a day she'd waited YEARS for. This precious lady has been through so much over the last year alone and this was a day she'd dreamed about her entire life... and this was the morning her dreams would finally come true.

Their love runs deep and though high school was only a couple of years ago... it's still a sweet and endearing love that still gives you the "butterflies" kind of way they love one another. They always knew they were each other's first loves but it wasn't until years later that it would become clear they are indeed one another's soul mates.


They had such a sweet first look- Stephanie said she was so nervous... but once they embraced those nerves turned into overflowing joy, laughter and smiles!

Stephanie's niece came all the way from Idaho to share in her special day.

Take a guess to what members of the following picture are siblings...


They are just absolutely smitten with one another..

Mother and Son.

The lace and buttons on Stephanie's bouquet were fromt he sleeves of her late mother's wedding gown. I know had her parents been able to witness their daughter's wedding they would have been so proud and SO happy to see her bursting with joy!

These three are lifelong friends.

They got married in a cute little Chapel that predates the Civil War.

The toasts that were shared were so sweet and heartfelt.

Nothing tugged at their hearts quite like the words his sister shared... taking them back to where it all began. There wasn't a dry eye to be seen.

The sweetest little flower girl ever.. she just couldn't help but spin in her perfect princess dress so just before they left she went out to spin with Stephanie. Absolutely love the bottom left picture!

Bringing back the days of their teenage years we had to hit the train tracks.


Thank you for allowing me to share in such a special and memorable day in the lives of you and your families- I wish you only the best in the years ahead.

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