Junior High Sweethearts | {Athens Wedding Photographer}

Do you remember the days of Junior High? You do right- I mean who can forget the transition from elementary school to high school? Do you remember your first crush? Well not only does Ali remember one of her earliest crushes but she'll soon be sharing the rest of her life with him. That's right- Ali and JD met in 7th grade. She was instantly drawn to him though they didn't have the same group of friends (and you know how Important this was in middle school!) He unfortunately had another girlfriend at the time but it didn't Keep Ali from admiring just how cute he was and gushing about him to her girlfriends.

During their earliest years of dating the highlights were passing notes in class... of course if they didn't sit close to one another they had to employ the help of their friends and hope that the teacher didn't run interference. They shared their first kiss in the movie theater... she was sure he was leaning in to steal a kiss so she obliged and let him have it... Apparently this caught him off guard and wasn't quite what he was expecting so to this day he still stands behind the fact she kissed him first.

10 years later and their relationship has only become stronger. They've grown closer together as they've faced the years of High School and college together. They've always been together and never gone through a break up... and I don't have any doubts after spending the afternoon with them that they were made for each other. They have so much respect and admiration and still after all these years they easily laugh together and flirt with one another... I can't wait until next Fall when these two will finally get to officially start the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

Ali had asked if I could get pictures of them laughing together because that's simply what they do best... this may be one of my favorites of just that.. them at their best!

Flashback... one of the many formals they attended together.

I absolutely love how JD is smiling at Ali here. Swoon.

So in honor of all those years of passing notes... I asked them questions and they had to answer the same question and see if their answers matched. Needless to say- it was nearly impossible to trip them up!

I love this image just about as much as I love the Fall!

This caught my eye.. JD is all smiles looking at his beautiful girl while crossing the street and the sunlight on his face couldn't be more perfect!

It was so dark when we captured these images (above and below). While I couldn't see their faces my camera did and I'm so happy with the result.

JD and Ali- thanks so much for sharing the beautiful afternoon with me I really can't wait until next September!

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A special thanks to Rachel for her assistance and to Christine for doing such a great job with Ali's hair and make-up bringing out her natural beauty!