Love is in the Air | {Buckhead Wedding Photographer}

It's not everyday that work really feels more like spending the day celebrating with your Friends as they get married. Don't get me wrong- I always have a good time getting to celebrate with my clients and their families but this Saturday was different. Maybe it was Casey inviting me to the mountains for their engagement session or maybe it's our shared hearts for giving back to others. I know I'm not alone when I say seeing her with Michael is inspiring- without a doubt smitten and in love with one another it's rare that when these two are together they aren't smiling or laughing.

It's a weekend I'd awaited all year and it's a day that went all too quickly. Casey and Michael came to me as clients- entrusting their precious memories of their wedding day to my creative eye - what an honor. When their wedding day arrived they had become friends, dear friends that I've grown to admire love and trust and I know without a doubt that God has big things in store for them as they move forward in their lives together.

Their love is real it's nearly tangible when you're around them and I'm not alone in saying that seeing them together is refreshing and inspiring. They have something very special, something you don't see every day and I am blessed that I was lucky enough for them to ask ME to bring their tangible love to life in their wedding pictures. If these images make you feel something- if you feel a smile come across your face or laughter fill the air then I'll know that I accomplished exactly what I set out to do. Bring their love to life.

She planned ahead and wore the Toms for her reception keeping in mind that the alterations and length of her dress would be affected if she'd opten for flats- likely causing trouble when she hit the dance floor. Better yet- they'll be great shoes to wear later on!

Chaser. Chase Man. Her first love.

The first few moments she shared with her daddy were so sweet and much more emotional than anyone could have predicted.

Casey you are beautiful inside and out.

Chase was still running around and got a little too close to the dress on the left.

One of my favorites from the day.

We traveled to the Swan Coach House for their First Look. Pictures were the very important to Casey and so she wanted to be sure they had plenty of time to enjoy taking lots of pictures.. Just before they saw one another they exchanged letters- yes not notes but very Long letters!

I absolutely Love Michael's expressions moments before he saw his bride...

It didn't feel much like September that day! It was HOT. Love.

Michael.. how much do you love Casey?

Second Favorite.


Can't you just feel the Love these two share?

The Swan House is where Casey's parents had their wedding reception as well so it holds a special significance to Casey and her family.

The first time her ladies saw her dressed... such sweet moments they shared.


Sometimes working in a church that has a strict photographer policy means going above and beyond to ensure the bride gets the pictures her heart longs for. I'd like to give a very special thank you to Jeannie for the next two images. (she braved using my camera and nailed the shots!)

I don't typically include formal group portraits but I couldn't help but share when I saw this... why is Casey laughing?? Oh...

Cutest little boy EVER.

This was such a great group to work with. So easy and laid back.. and they too enjoyed sharing in laughter making sure we didn't get too serious.

All three guys have the same wedding ring. It wasn't intentional but it's pretty cool.

Absolutely without a doubt LOVE this.

and I'll end with my favorite image of the day.

I tried really hard- I went through these pictures several times but I just couldn't narrow them down to one post- so you'll have to check back tomorrow evening for part 2.

Until then...

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