Ready for Forever Together | {Serenbe Farms Wedding Photographer}

They actually attended the same high but he was a year older so their paths never crossed until they met at Georgia College in 2006. They dated casually through the year and then Megan was given news that would change her life and be a true test of courage and spirit for them both... she had Leukemia. She received her diagnosis in August and had a bone marrow transplant in December and he's been at her side ever since. He was there when she relapsed and had to go through her second transplant a year later... So three years later she's proud to say she's the luckiest girl in the world- not only because she's a cancer survivor but she's found love and acceptance from a man whose never left her side. From Megan:

"He makes me feel beautiful no matter what and who I know will always be there. We've already been through "for worse". He is my rock and is the strongest person I know- and his calmness balances out my craziness!"

While he coaches football at Grayson (where they both attended high school) she's finishing nursing school in Milledgeville so they're doing the long distance thing and anxiously anticipating the day they don't have to say "goodbye" and get to start each and every morning together.

It was quite an early morning we all met at Serenbe Farms. The skies were gray but every so often the sun peeked through the clouds... I absolutely loved spending the morning with these two. We started in a beautiful overgrown field and then traveled around the farm until we wrapped up the session at the Stables. Their outdoor wedding is going to be so fun and so beautiful at Foxhall Resort next Summer... I can hardly wait!

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