Love at First Sight | {Vinewoods Engagement Pictures}

Do you believe in love at first sight? Taylor does. From the moment they met at Wild Wings she was captivated by his quiet confidence and his blue eyes. She'd recently taken a job offer in Columbus and not long after she met Ryan... it was the same job she'd been offered a year earlier but had turned down at the time to pursue another job. Had she taken the job in Columbus a year earlier she may have never met Ryan.

At the time Ryan was living in Atlanta but would drive down to Columbus to see his lady one the weekends, seeing how excited she was to see him when he arrived made his heart smile.

She noticed that with Ryan things were different. She'd always been a very independent person (specially when it came to guys) but instead of feeling like Ryan was holding her back she noticed that instead they did everything together and always included each other in everything they did.

They are both very active and share a love for Country music, sports and their furry friend, Dakota a miniature american eskimo.

While Ryan made it clear he's not an Auburn fan he did admit that he loves game days as that's when Taylor gets dressed head to toe in her team's colors wearing this one particular sundress he absolutely loves.

I met these two at Vinewoods Weddings and Events- a gorgeous little venue in Newnan for their engagement session and I really couldn't be more excited to share their pictures with you... a special thanks to Jamie for his assistance with some of the very last shots of the night!

I just have to say that we started with some of the most beautiful, rich, warm, beautiful LIGHT!

one of my favorites for sure!

I really love the candid moment here as well.

When Taylor and Ryan both mentioned that their first kiss was at the BamaJama in the rain I asked Taylor if she'd be up to having a rain picture. Ryan had no idea what we had planned until I mentioned getting the "hose ready"... but he was still game and I absolutely loved the result!

Taylor and Ryan, I seriously can't wait to celebrate with you and your friends this at your beautiful garden wedding- here's to many more great pictures and lots of laughter to come!