From Something "Weird" to Something Beautiful | {New York City Wedding Photographer}

A beautiful Fall day with a spectacular view of the City on the High Line in NYC is where I met Kristen and Mike for their engagement session. They traveled in from New Jersey and given our limited amount of time before the sun went down- being above the business and the streets below allowed us to squeeze extra time out of the sunlit hours that afternoon and walk away with some absolutely beautiful pictures! Kristen discovered me thanks to the internet and after our first conversation I really hoped we'd get to work together. It was too much longer before her and Mike asked me if I might celebrate with their friends and family in Savannah for their Spring wedding.

These two were naturals and didn't have to think twice about enjoying the afternoon together. She's a nurse and he's a football coach so their time together is typically pretty limited... so getting to just "be" together was a treat for them and they took full advantage of it! Kristin loves running and they both love the beach.

These two actually grew up together... but to him she was just his friend's "little sister" and he was her older brother's friend. Just the thought of dating your friend's little sister in high school was enough to keep the distance between these two and so they remained friends (even though she had a top secret crush on him).

They went off to college and the first Summer while they were home they started hanging out- one night while they were watching a movie he leaned in a kissed her. Not sure what to think of it she left a little later- besides it was still a little weird- he was Steve's friend and she had a "real date" the next evening with another guy. The next year she transferred to Rutgers college and her mom hinted that Mike had a similar major as she did (she also insisted there was mutual "interest" but Kristen was still in denial)...  They happened to see one another at a party early in the year and the first thing they talked about was what they were studying... and so was the beginning of something more beautiful than either of them could have ever imagined.


love this.

absolutely LOVED the vibrant Fall colors in the tree behind them.

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