A Little Extra Challenge

It's like Christmas morning receiving an email from the lab letting me know my film scans are ready to download. Over this past year I decided to see if I could shoot film. Having learned how to shoot in manual on a digital camera... could I make the transition to shooting film? So thanks to a super sweet family for lending me their no longer used 35mm film camera I set out on a little adventure of my own.... and I've gotta say I'm pretty much over the moon with the look of film- specially the b/w film!

It was nearly dark and we had just wrapped up shooting this sweet couple last Fall... and these are some of the shots I took with the film camera on the way back to the car.

it's not sharp but I love the motion blur with the film grain. Swoon!

Confession- I'd had this one roll of film I'd been trying to finish for months.. literally. So one afternoon while I was doing a little shoot with my friend Tribble- he was kind enough to let me finish up the roll.

A little more fun experimenting with film...

I also shot a handfull of images of a boudoir session and they are quite possibly my favorite but unfortunately due to the nature of those sessions I don't share those images here on the blog.

The best part of film is there's no extra work. I literally shot these- sent them to be developed and blogged them.

Maybe Santa will bring me a film camera this year for Christmas... ;)

When is the last time you took a film picture? What do you miss most about the good ol' days of film??