A Love that's Genuine and True | {Berry College Wedding Pictures I}

Where do I begin... Simply by being with these two you'll witness and experience something so different, so genuine and so true. Kim worked at the little Coffee Shop at her church and it so happens Joseph attended this church and admired her sweet smile from a distance until he worked up the courage to introduce himself to her. You better believe Joseph hadn't gone unnoticed by Kim but she too kept her distance... until one day it finally happened. He came to visit with her, asked for her number and made their friendship official on Facebook. Little did they know one day they'd walk down the aisle, hand in hand as husband and wife... but God did. These two have put Him first in every step of their lives and it's evident in the story of their relationship down to the way they are together. I've never seen hearts so genuine and a love so true.

I'm honored to call them friends but had no idea what kind of blessing it would be to witness them get married.

It was this day that I realized what my favorite part of each wedding day is...

As I walked into the cabin where the girls were getting ready her mom warmly welcomed me and directed me back to where Kim was. When I stepped around the corner her face lit up and she smiled and exclaimed, "Tessa! You're here, I can relax because I know the rest of the day will be taken care of." Knowing the trust and confidence my brides have in me.. and that even just in arriving I can set their hearts and minds at rest so they're able to enjoy the rest of their wedding days is absolutely incredible.

I've had the hardest time narrowing down my favorites so you'll see another episode from their wedding showcased tomorrow... so we'll see you back here tomorrow night for part 2.

The little cottage at Berry College the girls got ready in.

Absolutely loved their first look... Kim wanted him to see her from a distance.

love this.

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