Why I'm a Wedding Photographer | {Defining a Legacy}

  Being a wedding photographer is more than just arriving on wedding day filled with excitement, love, joy and anticipation. It's more than clicking a shutter. More than shooting beautiful details. And more than engaging with the couple who will soon become husband and wife. Yes, there's so much more to being a wedding photographer and when I take a step back, the bigger picture becomes clear.

I've found being married gives me a slightly different perspective. Looking back just three short years to my own wedding, I can see the details of our wedding day begin to fade...the faces of family and friends, the food we served and those ever-important first songs we danced to. I know recalling details and special moments from that day - a day that came and went in the blink of an eye – will be even more challenging five, ten or thirty years from now. Without our wedding pictures, it would be nearly impossible to truly remember even some of our special details, guests and moments that seemed "most important" on that day,

Beyond the beautiful details, the cake, the flowers and the stunning dress the bride will wear ,there's a story waiting to be told. A boy and a girl absolutely smitten with one another. The excitement of family and friends standing with them as they say, “I Do.”  Best friends anxious to begin their own journey in life together Each story is as unique as the couple standing at the center, and yet no story is more important than the other to that couple or their family and friends.

It's not just their story. It’s the beginning of their Legacy.

A legacy that will be passed down for generations to come.

It's the love they share, how she feels wrapped in his embrace and  that "look" he gives her from across the room. It's the vow they make to share their lives together and the celebration of their family and friends who surround them that day and in the days to come.

It's through their wedding photos that their story is told and their legacy is born.

I'm so excited to share with you my new video - hot off the press. It's everything I ever imagined it could be and more. And it truly shares my heart and my sole-purpose behind being a wedding photographer.

A huge thanks to Jeremy at Three Ring Weddings for all his creative vision and for listening to my wild ideas and bringing them to life. I'm absolutely blown away by how everything came together.

Also a very special thank you to Taylor and Ryan for being willing to have an extra crew of videographers present during their engagement session!

In 2013 a portion of the proceeds of all weddings will go to help fight the trafficking of children right here in Atlanta through a local ministry called Street Grace. 


Will you begin your legacy soon? I can't wait to hear your story! Click here to contact me today....I'm currently booking 2013 and dates are limited!