My Little Family and some Glorious Sunsets. | {Denver Lifestyle Photographer}

For Thanksgiving this year we did something that hadn't been done since I was in Junior High... It took weeks of planning but thankfully everyone was able to unite their schedules and make it happen. This year we took the journey, and yes it is a journey to make it back to the hills that I call home. It was the last leg of my 4 weeks of traveling but this time I had my husband and pup with me and we were headed to one of my favorite places in the world... my Grandparents ranch.

To get there we fly into Denver, rent a car then drive 5 hours in a North Easterly direction. There's rarely traffic and the closer you get to the ranch the fewer cars and more cows you begin to see. It's remote. It's the Country and when I say they live in the sticks.. there's no exaggeration. Their house is 30 miles of dirt and paved one lane road to the post office, they get mail every other day. Their closest neighbor lives 3 miles up the road and little errands such as "running to the grocery store" will take you 65 miles up the road (one way). Thankfully you can also schedule seeing the doctor or dentist while you're "in town" and even take in a movie if you'd like... but you'll have to plan carefully as the movies are only available in the evenings. Big box stores such as Wal-Mart, a larger variety of fast food and restaurants or a mall are a 2 hour drive... but to the folks who live in this country they don't think twice about having to cover these vast stretches of road- it's just a part of life. Here you're neighbor may be just down the road or live 50 miles away... if you' know them you'll most likely refer to them as a "neighbor".

There's no cell service here and no cable internet. Just recently they took the leap from dial up (it does still exist) to getting DSL.. it's slightly faster but most of you reading this on your smart phones have faster internet than what they access with their computer.

It's a different lifestyle- far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city and where the sun dictates the average work day. Horses and cows far out number people who calls these hills home but to those that remain they wouldn't have life any other way.

A bit weary from traveling we arrived to Hidden Valley Ranch just as the sun was setting.. what a beautiful welcome indeed!

My grandparents home is pictured below- tucked beneath a hill it's easy to miss such a beautiful sunset.

So that task that we planned for weeks? Getting the entire family together- all 30some of us.

It started with these fine folks.. my grandparents. They'll celebrate 55 years of marriage this month!

Then they had two kids.. my dad (on the left) and his sister in the blue on the right. My aunt and uncle just celebrated their 30th this month and my parent's aren't too far behind being married for 25+ years.

Then there is this picture- the picture that hasn't happened since I was in Junior High. Needless to say it look a LOT different then! I have 3 cousins (one is married) and 13 brothers and sisters. The sister right below me got married 5 years ago and now has 4 kids of her own. Little Denalli is in the front in pink (she's the one who I was at Disney Land with for her Make  a Wish trip the previous week).

It was windy (typical for Nebraska) and COLD... what you don't see in this picture is the huge pile of coats and jackets on the ground that everyone took off just before the picture was snapped! (A special thank you to James for assisting with pushing the button and taking the picture!)

Just in case you wanted another look...

Let me introduce you to my immediate family... plus a couple of nieces and nephews and two extra guys that have married in (bless 'em). Wondering what their names are?

Parents: Greg and Jenna Children: Tessa (and Robert), Natosha (and Casey), Wrustler, Shianna, Tashonna, Riyatta, Jennaya, Wrangler, Shakeeya, Duwrango, Tiyonna, Onika, Javona and Latigo. Natosha's kids names are Denalli, Grayett, Dallie Jo and Talla Kaye.

My Aunt Jecca and Uncle Cash and their kids, Stetson (and Courtney), Sterling, and Steele.

A special request was one of my dad with all the girls and my mom and the boys who are slightly outnumbered.

Then there was my sister and her family.. and if you don't believe me that it was cold just look at Casey's face.. I think his teeth are a chattering here.

Grandpa his son and all his Grandsons. Grayett would be in this picture but he'd already escaped and ran inside.

And I wanted to share one more picture.. it was 100% candid and a moment that was captured but in that it's 100% authentically them. It's my favorite picture of the day.. because it's as if the camera wasn't even there.. this is them and I can't help but look at this picture and smile.

Skip ahead a couple of days and as we were headed down the interstate... fearing we'd be late for our flight we witnessed yet another marvelous sunset. With no time to pull over I shot a couple of iphone pics... but then decided this was worthy of breaking out the "real camera". Out of the bag it came and down went the window and with a grip of steel I held tight as I leaned out of the window while we drove 80mph down the road and shot the images below. Worth the risk? Yes indeed!

It was like fire in the sky... these are my 3 favorites.

In love with this and in love with the One who created it.

The one of the things I miss most about living out West is witnessing gorgeous sky filling sunsets like this... and though they don't happen everyday I feel blessed to have seen several pretty astounding ones during our short trip. What did you do for Thanksgiving? Share any crazy stories below if you'd like... just leave a comment below.