365 Days of Gratitude | {Remembering all the Good Things}

Do you ever have a hard time trying to think of all the GOOD things that have when you're looking back over the last year? Now if you're like me looking back over the last year is nearly impossible- what about the last week or two? If you asked me about my hardest days or things that didn't go right in the last week or two I could write a pretty long list... but if you asked me what good things took place I'd have to sit and think to write the same list and even after the extra effort it most likely still would fall short. Why is it so much easier to focus on the negatives rather than keep our focus on the positive happenings and events around us?

I saw this idea on Pintrest months ago and kind of forgot about it until yesterday... I was so excited because as it's the first of the year it's the perfect time to start!

Basically you keep a jar and some small papers set aside somewhere in your home and each time something good happens that you want to remember you write it down and place it in the jar. On New Years Eve you empty the jar and read through all the little notes of goodness (literally) you've left yourself over the past year.

Cool huh?

I shared it with my husband and he's on board with me as well. I'm excited to set here next year and look back over all the GOOD things that took place this year and be able to remember and reflect on many of more of them than we typically would have otherwise.

I'm also going to do one for my business. I feel like it's easy to have "hard" days and they may be more common than they are in my every day life. That being said... why not have a jar full of "GOOD" to dig into anytime things get busy or I feel overwhelmed? (tell me I'm not alone in feeling overwhelmed).  I'm already excited thinking about getting to review everything big and small and see where 2013 takes me.

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