A Week of Rejuvenation | {Destination Wedding Photographer}

Today I am going to share about one of my favorite weeks of last year. A couple of years ago I attended my first For the Love in Eugene Oregon. This year I decided it would be the perfect way to wrap up a very busy year and take a week to reflect and rest and reset. It came at the end of a crazy couple of weeks of travel and shooting I had this Fall. I'd been in New York City the week before, flew back to Georgia to shoot Kim and Joseph's wedding and then flew out bright and early the next morning for Seattle- to meet with Cassie and J.W. and then head out to the retreat the following day. The place the retreat was held this year couldn't have been more perfect. It was absolutely beautiful- overlooking a lake and the Olympic Range of mountains. Jeff and Erin Youngren and Ginny Corbett are amazing photographers who coordinate the retreat for the rest of us and they did such a good job. Melissa and David Helser are the champions of worship. They're multi talented though and were also sweet enough to volunteer and be our "models" for the shooting workshop with Jeff and Erin. I absolutely loved the images I was able to capture- the setting was much different than normal as there were 15+ cameras all clicking away but they still rocked it and were calm and so graceful through the entire misty afternoon.

Oh yes- this was the view.

proof I wasn't the only one there...

absolutely love the next two

can you see the rain? They don't kid around in the Northwest when they say it's rainy season... it rains a lot. It'd stopped briefly and then started again and David swept Melissa off her feet and carried her up for a brief moment... such a sweet moment.

My favorite image from the entire week. Simply love it.

One afternoon I took some time to go down to the lake and enjoy the serenity and peace found on the shore.

The sunsets were amazing.

When the week came to a close we had a short afternoon before our late evening flights to checkout Seattle. The people of this town walk a lot, they're super sweet, they love coffee and we also found the infamous "gum wall" gross.

egh. Disgusting!

I'm learning to like coffee more. It's not something I have to drink or enjoy on a daily basis... but while in Seattle one must at least try a little coffee and this latte was divine.

Right before we left for the airport we went by the Fish Market and Jen was brave enough to go up and do her best at catching a fish. Oh the memories!


Success! She did it!

and then insisted on throwing the fish back. I don't think the guy to the far right was as confident about her skills...

It was such a great week and a perfect ending to a really busy season. I met so many amazing and wonderful people and can't wait to go back to the North West Coast. It's absolutely beautiful out there- even despite the rain! Washing or Oregon may be my new favorite states in the Fall... what are yours?