A Year in Review | {Destination Wedding Photographer}

What a wonderful holiday season it's been. For the first time in as many years as I can remember I had the holidays off- completely and soaked up the time with my husband, Mags and my in-laws. While I've been spending the last several days thinking back on the last year and all that I've experienced and accomplished while looking forward to the year ahead and setting goals for the year ahead. I love traveling by car, plane or train I don't really care... I just love to explore new areas and even new cultures. When I set out to start doing more destination weddings and engagement sessions I never dreamed just 12 months ago that I'd have the opportunity to shoot in so many beautiful places.

2012 Highlights include:

This year I also saw friendships grow, faced challenges in both my business and personal life that I've overcome and look back in awe to see an overwhelming amount of Grace and countless blessings that have been poured over my life. I've learned in the journey of life there will be highs and lows, there will be indescribable love and there may be times you feel as though your heart is going to break into pieces. A special thanks to my closest friends- you know who you are, to my clients who shower me with kind words of appreciation and love, to my husband who continues to support all my crazy dreams and gives me countless rides to the airport, and to Maggie for her company and her eager welcome every time I come in the door. Most importantly this year I've learned the true meaning of Grace and endless love that only comes from Above.