Butterflies and Fireflies | {Georgia Tech Engagement Pictures}

They met at a get together at her friends house, being Seniors in High School the meeting was casual but the truth was.. she was impressed. He was cute, funny and really nice. The night ended and they went their own directions... until he waved at her in church. Her crush was confirmed as with that wave she had the butterflies in her stomach but for more than half a year that's all it would be was merely a crush. Later that year in the Summer just before they'd leave for college they became friends and not long after started dating. It was late one night, under the stars watching the lightning bugs they shared their first kiss.

Thankfully they were attending the same school (Georgia Tech) and their relationship continued to grow and mature.. and when it was time for Teddy to ask Krista to be his wife he took her back to that same patch of grass, under the stars this past Summer and instead of a kiss he got down on one knee and asked the question that would change their lives.

They now reside in Houston and so while they were back for the holidays we braved a quite chilly morning and walked around the Campus where they share so many memories and had loads of fun. They are both Engineers (biomedical and chemical) and so we talked a little bit of Chemistry lingo- but I'll admit that was the most chemical structure/equations and periodic table goodness I've shared in years since taking my last college final!

Their wedding is going to be full of a mix of traditions from Krista's Lithuania heritage and knowing how much fun and beautiful these two are I know it's not only going to be beautiful but a lot of fun as well! Thank you guys for braving the cold, for the laughter and smiles and most of all for the honor of being your photographer!

I really wanted to do something a little different with the must have Tech Tower picture ... and I'm loving the result!

absolutely Love this!

they have SO much fun together!

I always try to make sure the pockets are empty... here's proof that I missed whatever was in his jacket. :)

We searched all morning for an outlet so we could do these Christmas light pictures Krista had seen on Pintrest...  You wouldn't ever believe how difficult it is to find electricity. On our final attempt we went back to her old Sorority house and after checking more than one outlet... on our last attempt it worked! I love that she had the "big bulb" lights. This was by far my favorite of the set.

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