Denalli's Wish | {Make a Wish: Disney Style}

To wrap up my Fall travels, love story sessions and weddings I got to spend a week with my sister and her family watching the kids take in Disney. The Make a Wish Foundation is amazing and the way they took care of us all was astounding. Taking in all the amenities and services they provide from the dining hall to cute little houses each family gets to stay in providing the comfort of home away from home... Give Kids the World Village was a 5 star experience no doubt. The favorite of the week was most definitely the all you can eat ice cream.. anytime of the day (any kids dream right!?) To catch up on Denalli's story be sure to check out her hot pink wheels here and the journey she's been on fighting SMA here.

What a week we had full of adventure, food, ice cream, laughs and smiles. A very special thank you to everyone who has supported this organization and to the ladies who organized the trip and made it happen. It was an amazing experience for us all but the most fun was seeing the delight and joy in the eyes of each one of these kids and they experienced new sights and sounds and adventures each day.

Here's a little peek into all the fun we had... Enjoy!


only on vacation do you get nightly bubble baths and permission to jump on the bed... :)

My sister took Denalli to meet the princesses and with a quick tutorial and a couple of text messages her pictures turned out pretty well! (my camera she used didn't have an "Auto" option)