Favorite Love Story Moments of 2012 | {Destination Engagement Session Photographer}












I absolutely loved pouring through some of my favorite wedding moments of 2012 so I took a trip down memory lane for all the love story sessions I was able to capture this year. I absolutely love the love story sessions (aka Engagement sessions) as it gives me an opportunity to really get to know the couple and capture casual- real life portraits encompassing their story thus far and the love and excitement they share for their wedding!

This Fall I had the opportunity to travel to New York City and shoot several love story sessions. Each was unique and loads of fun. I was there just before Sandy hit and so thankful to be able to take advantage of the Fall foliage and the gorgeous flowers at Central Park (below).Â

Then there are times that you just get lucky. Like when a beautiful little butterfly flutters around and lands on the flower near by...


Days later this harbor was underwater due to Hurricane Sandy- what a beautiful skyline and such a cute couple!

Although I cheer for Florida during the year I made the exception for Casey and Michael to do a picture with the stadium... she used to cheer so this was an integral part of their dating and college days while at UGA. Wanting to do something a little different than what I'd seen before- I risked life and limb balancing on a bridge to get the shot (did I mention how much I hate heights?). We won't talk about the fear I felt when the bus came across the bridge and shook the concrete wall I happened to be standing on... and the concern this sweet couple expressed when they turned to see the look of fear on my face... So worth it though!


Then there are times the sunsets just a little too soon- but if that hadn't been the case this image wouldn't have been captured. So thank you to the sun for setting a few minutes earlier than we had anticipated.


Or for the full moon rising...


Most days I prefer for the sun to shine but on this day I was SO thankful for the clouds and for the rain the previous night as it allowed me to capture my favorite love story image of 2012 that now hangs as a giant canvas in my studio. They wanted the Atlanta in the background and I knew we'd be able to get a reflection of them in the puddle... what I didn't expect was to find a very narrow area where I saw not only their reflection but the reflection of the buildings as well. Did I mention those moments you just get "lucky"? Yep- this is one of them :)

Absolutely loved spending the afternoon with Jennifer and Heath. They arrived telling me how "they weren't picture taking people" and it wasn't long at all before all their pictures looked like this: absolute bliss!

I took this and then showed Hilary the picture to which she shared how her family has this tradition that when they're together on vacation at this particular spot they take a picture on a rock. Didn't plan that and it just happened.. I love when that happens!

One of the many reasons I love the sunlight!

I'm always looking for ways to capture stories in a different way. Even if I shoot at the same location I try to find a new perspective... this happened to be one of those "new perspectives" I just love.

I don't know that I've ever laughed so hard during a love story session than I did spending the afternoon with Sarah and David. These two met on the cross country team and we enjoyed exploring so many different parts of campus.



This pup was such a flirt!


Absolutely love the golden hour. Love it.

The map of Turkey as that's where Micah was living and where they'd begin their life together- blackberries as that was a special part of Stephanie's childhood Summers.

These two shared their first kiss in the rain... So fun!

It was freezing the morning we started Krista and Teddy's session but once the sun came out we all warmed up a bit. There are those moments when the setting, the light and the emotion of the moment all come together to create magic. This was one of those moments.

Did I mention that Spring is my second favorite season to Fall? Dogwood blooms.. need I say more? These two were So much fun. I remember being a bit jet lagged and having had a cup of coffee just before their session (I don't drink coffee often and it makes me a little bit hyper). There may have been a couple of skips and squeals of excitement during their session... but I won't say who they were from. :)

I'm so excited for this sweet couple to get married in April. Leslie has become a good friend over this past year and I just loved the sweet love her and Jeremy share.



Second favorite picture of 2012 for sure!

Dogwoods and sunlight... need I say more?

This was another NYC session. Absolutely loved exploring the High line and Meat Packing District with these two.


And finally Kirk and Christina. Though they're not engaged yet they were sweet enough to take a little time to get pictures together while I was in the Philippines. We had a beautiful afternoon and got to visit the American Cemetery as well as a newly developed area nearby.