Favorite Wedding Moments of 2012 | {Atlanta Outdoor Wedding Photographer}

Trying to sum of the year in only 25 pictures really isn't fair. 2012 was filled with so many beautiful weddings and I'm blessed to consider so many of these lovely couples now friends. Most of these images carry the emotion and stories to stand alone but I thought it might be fun and allow you to connect to each moment in a greater way if you knew the "behind the shutter" perspective. Sweet Amanda faced some trying months before her wedding - her dad had become extremely ill and battled cancer. She'd hoped and prayed he'd be able to fight long enough to walk her down the aisle. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and she said goodbye to her father just months before her wedding day. As her brother walked her down the aisle she was pretty overcome with emotion as you can feel here.

I truly love the moments shared between the bride and her mother throughout the morning while all the "preparations" are taking place. Kristen was such a sweetheart and just after her mama zipped her into her gown they shared her first embrace on the day she was finally a bride.

After April had gotten into her dress I wanted to capture something a little different as they made the final "touch ups" to her lipstick. I just really loved the mood and silhouettes here.

There's something about the naive curiosity of a child. Curious as to what Stephanie was seeing in that mirror.. I wonder if it was really big enough for two. :)

To say this groom was excited to marry his bride may be an understatement. I absolutely loved the overflowing amount of joy and excitement he had as they walked to the alter.. just moments before he'd see Meredith walk down the aisle to become his wife.

While some grooms wear some of the biggest smiles of their lives others may shed a couple of tears. Scott tried so hard but just couldn't quite hold it together... and that's quite alright. There's something so sweet and touching seeing a groom tear up when he sees his bride.

I'm so blessed to share such intimate moments with my couples and to capture all their emotions and feelings... like during this first look.

My favorite post ceremony moment of the year was in Hawaii as the mothers of the bride and groom spontaneously yet at the same time looked at one another and exclaimed, "Family" with their arms open wide just before they embraced for a hug.

I love the emotions of this images- of her father wiping away a tear as his daughter did her best to hold it together while she exchanged her vows. Such sweet moments.

I just love the excitement and anticipation of this image. Casey's sister helped her with her veil as her bridesmaids looked on.

So this sweet girl came to the wedding in a boot because she'd fractured her ankle/foot just weeks before her best friends wedding trying to catch the bouquet. She toughed it out through the day wearing her dress shoes but rocked her boot during the reception. She was at the very back of the group standing on a chair- determined to catch this bouquet. You would have thought it was staged as the bouquet flew over the heads of each of the girls and right into Sams' hands. When she caught it I'm not so sure she'd realized she'd signed up for this... I think she was a little concerned about how far up her leg that garder was going...

Sometimes it's just in the details. These two are young and their love is SO strong. Tyler has served our country not once but twice and their wedding day was something they'd anticipated and look forward to for many, many months.

Erin's grandparents spent several decades in Guatemala as missionaries and they still travel back to visit multiples times a year. Would you guess her grandmother still jump ropes every morning for cardio? They were SO proud of their granddaughter and you can see just how special their relationship truly is. I loved getting to visit with them while I shot the details of Erin's day that morning and they recommend Kisses from Katie which I read on vacation the following week and absolutely LOVED. You can visit her blog here and if you're looking for a neat story check out her book here.

Sometimes it's in the details that tell the complete story, like a father's grip on his daughters hand moments before he passes her hand to the new man in her life.

Or little moments between the ceremony and reception when the bride and groom casually walk along the countryside.

Father/Daughter dances get me every time. Lindsey's sweet father shared both laughter and tears of joy as they danced together... precious.

I loved this in particular as you can see the detail in the dress as her mom does up the buttons and you can see her best friend's joy and excitement as she watches the final touches of Stephanie's wedding attire come to completion.

My favorite portrait from Hawaii was supringly not on the beach but as we were walking back so they could get married. The vibrant colors, texture of the trees and motion of the wind just can't be beat!

Sometimes I do love when it rains...

Another father/daughter dance I absolutely Loved. Stephanie's dad was So proud of his daughter and I don't have any idea of what was said but I just absolutely without a doubt LOVE this image.

Just moments after walking up the aisle as husband and wife.. Mark was just a wee bit excited that Casey was his wife!

I love a good dance at the reception when everyone has a good time!

Or when the first time a father sees his daughter as a bride... and he's literally left speechless and in tears. (the big crocodile ones)

It's like icing on the cake when there are dirt roads, horses and wooden fences become part of our picture.. even better when those horses seem to have a little personality of their own as well!

Don't forget the pups! Bow tie and a high five as well.