Making Our House Our Home | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

Planning a wedding, getting married, starting a business and buying a house all in the same year makes for a BIG year. Realizing that making a house a home takes time is something I've learned over the past couple of years and it's been exciting to see how we've grown into our home. It's exciting to see things go on the wall and with each little improvement the house truly feels more like the home we're building together. The first big change was selling our old living room furniture and then spending months looking for the right replacement. Our poor living room was very bare for a very long time until finally we stumbled upon the perfect couch and that night they just happened to be changing the floor samples and so we got it at a very reduced price- amazing! In the meantime I'd also had three images I'd taken while on a Spring visit home in Western Nebraska. It was my husband's idea to hang them from railroad spikes and chains so we were able to find an etsy store that made a custom order and with a little chain from Home Depot our vision came to life.

The "sticks" in the corner are from Ikea.

Windmills, cow trails and wide open spaces. Nothing more beautiful than the Sandhills of Nebraska.

One weekend project in December was building our coffee table.

My favorite wall in the house used to be the one above... until my sweet friend Keary took pictures of myself and my little family while she was here visiting this Fall. This is now by far my most favorite wall of the entire house.

Another little project on my list for the "off season" was getting more organized. Step one was organizing my scarves and necklaces. With some O rings and a rack from Ikea my scarf rack was born. Super simple and SO efficient.

Another little space that needed some color on the walls was our bathroom. My necklaces used to sit in a big heap on the counter and each time I went to try and wear one it typically came with frustration of spending time untangling it from the messy pile. This metal print has worked perfectly in the bathroom as it's unaffected and won't be damaged from the extra humidity and moisture from the shower and I love the little knobs and rack I found on Etsy for my necklace. Problem solved. :)

Next on the list is completing my office decor and organization and bringing life to the walls of our bedroom. Slowly but surely though out little house is truly becoming a home and that is really exciting!

What are some of your favorite finds you've used to decorate your own home ? What's your favorite room or wall in your home?