Welcoming a New Family Member | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

I recently added a new child, camera to the family. While it's really exciting it was also a huge decision to make as I look at this beautiful black box and think, "My first car cost nearly this much". While I'm working to familiarize myself with all the different functions this camera offers (hello hd video) and the different arrangement of all the controls on the camera body, Maggie was a sport and helped me get a little extra practice in. I've really enjoyed shooting with this new camera and look forward to the extended range of ISO I'll have to work in dark venues and receptions, the speed of processing images and the dual card slots so I can keep 2 copies of every images I take from the instant the picture is taken.  I may be a little bias but I'm pretty sure I have one of the cutest dogs ever. 

For those of you who love good bokeh you'll appreciate this. My husband saw this picture and asked what filter I used to make it look "photoshopped" like she was pasted into the image. I replied with a laugh and a smile it wasn't a filter or photoshop and it's one of the many reasons I love my 85mm 1.4. The beauties of "good glass."

This is Monkey. He's one of her favorites and well loved but now earless as she doesn't seem to think any of her toys, including monkey need their ears. It's the first thing she chews off any stuffed animal. :)

Happy Monday!