Learning Never Grows Old | {Youngren 2-Day Workshop}

This past year I took part in a couple of intimate workshops with some photographers who lead the industry and whom I admire. I've been long time fans and friends of Jeff and Erin Youngren and love not only the work they deliver to their clients but their hearts as well. In August I got to spend 2 days with this duo and on the second day we took a couple of hours to watch and learn from Jeff and Erin as they worked with this super fabulous duo.. they weren't models but are a real couple. Though I wouldn't consider myself a "workshop junkie" I do believe in getting out there and learning.. new ways to approach and refine my craft to push myself to improve. I love learning and better yet making new friends!

this is one of my favorites.

Jeff is such a great teacher.


A special thanks to Jeff and Erin for sharing of yourselves and all that you've learned in your career! I hope you enjoyed Atlanta and your Sweet Tea and I hope you guys return again soon!