Celebrating in Style | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

Monday was my husband's birthday. Considering this was the first birthday I got to celebrate with him in the last 3 years I had to come up with a way to make it memorable. Truth be told I hadn't come up with any great ideas until the morning of but once I did we devised a perfect plan to bring everything came together. Armed with 95 balloons, sore abs, secret handwritten messages and a spare key I headed to his office. Bags upon bags of balloons, the help of a couple of friends and several trips back and forth between cars we raised the suspicion of the security guard but thankfully we were able to complete the task without my husband having any idea what we'd done.

I gave a heads up to his co-worker and he was able to snap a couple of pictures and even grabbed a video of his reaction. Priceless really. haha

That evening we had friends over and had a little make your own pizza party. His favorite food happens to be pizza and he'd mentioned doing something like this in the past but we'd never taken the time to make it happen. It just so happens his birthday was a perfect opportunity to do just that. Please forgive the picture quality as I used my iphone.

The birthday boy himself doing his best rendition of an Italian chef.

So much fun! It was so good to be home and to be able to celebrate and give back to someone who continually supports and gives so much to me. Happy Birthday Babe!

Here's the video Colin captured while he found his car and attempted to get in. Oh how I wish I could have been there myself!