Getting Back to my Roots | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

While some get really excited about the beach in Florida, I was giddy like a school girl when I realized while in Florida I would be working (processing) a heard of cattle. As you may know I was born and raised on a cattle ranch out in the sticks of Western Nebraska (we were 30 miles from the post office that only delivered mail every other day and 65 miles from the grocery, theater, and doctor). I was horseback before I could walk and was driving before I could see over the steering wheel. A couple of weeks ago I was in Florida with my husband doing some work for his company and it was mentioned that Audra's family would be processing cattle that same weekend. I offered to help and they welcomed me.. and then I may or may not have done a happy dance.

It was a COLD morning for Florida but getting to run cattle through a chute is something I hadn't done in YEARS and I was excited to jump back in. Thanks to my brother in law for joining in on the fun but also providing a way to get there.

A Huge thanks goes out to Audra and her family and neighbors that allowed us to jump in and help. I sincerely can't wait to come visit again and look forward to next Spring when I'll have the honor of capturing Audra and Wes' wedding story. How much fun it's going to be!

So here's a little peek into the day. I put some videos on Vine (my name is tessa marie). They're quite entertaining.


Absolutely LOVE this picture.

So most of the pictures of of the round up and bringing the cattle in. I had Audra's sister snap a couple with my phone of us working the calves. 

What a great morning. This beautiful girl is indeed the only bride I've worked with thus far that understands "working cattle" and isn't afraid of the "dirty" work. ((Kate won't allow me to use the real word. ;) )