My Heart Yearned for Something More... | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer Impacting the Lives of Others}

Over the past couple of years it's been such a blessing to have so many amazing couples trust me to document their wedding stories. I’ve been invited in to such intimate moments shared by their family and friends. I’ve shared in moments that I will truly cherish forever. Kim_joshua_wedding-72

The last two years I've worked hard specializing in documenting weddings. I’ve taken classes, done workshops and pushed myself to hone my skills and learn how to create beautiful images in all different types of light. I've been on a mission to become the best wedding photographer I can be.

While my passion and love for telling a wedding story and being part of such a special day in the lives of two people will never fade, over the past six+ months my heart was unsettled. I was left with wanting to do something more... I was in search for a way to impact the lives of others using my camera.

The way in which I could achieve this wasn’t clear at first.  Traveling to 3rd world countries and living in the streets with the poorest of the poor has always been the way I felt, I could make the greatest difference in the lives of others- but owning a business and being a wife makes living in a foreign land out of the question.


So there my heart continued to linger… until recently.


A passion emerged that is parallel to the one I hold for documenting weddings and I’m honored and delighted to share that with you today!

I knew for the past year I wanted to start working with High School senior girls. Much like weddings it’s a huge milestone in the lives of these girls and knowing how much I value and love my own senior portraits, I wanted to be able to give that experience and treasure to others. But as much as I loved working with these girls I was still simply taking pictures, having a great time doing so I might add


but was it life changing??


Then one morning it hit me. During my quiet time a revolutionary concept hit my heart. What if young girls could be empowered to feel beautiful and see their own true beauty through the images I created? What if their beautiful faces were captured without make up and with a promise that Photoshop wasn’t needed. A message being sent they are absolutely beautiful just the way they are …


What if??


What if they could see themselves in a new light? What if they’d no longer feel the “right clothes” or “make-up” was needed for them to be beautiful and accepted by others?

Then it happened. This concept and idea lit a fire in my soul and I discovered the answer to my unsettled heart.


That was the day I created Five Ten (510) Girls.


My mission? For each and every girl that bravely steps in front of my camera to walk away not only feeling, but also believing they are more beautiful than ever before. That they will realize in our time together, that there true beauty shines from within.

It takes guts and an extra load of courage to bravely step outside without make up and most wouldn’t dream of having their pictures made without spending hours in front of the mirror but these girls have guts, and find the courage to do just that.

What I’ve discovered looking through the pictures of these girls without their make-up on is that I see THEM. I see their personalities, their pain, their joy and even their fears. I no longer simply see “Just a Pretty Face” but I see Taylor or Haven, I see Marrisa or Christina. I see who they are, and who they are isn’t only enough, but it’s more beautiful and authentic than anything I’ve ever seen before.

The second piece of 510 girls is to raise awareness to the tragic reality of the human trafficking problem that not only exists around the world but right here in our backyard. In cities large and small and even in YOUR neighborhood.

There’s innocence stolen and identities lost every single day. Our goal is to educate our young girls and their parents on how the predators target them and how to be safe. In addition to raising awareness of this ongoing and growing issue bringing justice to those enslaved and forced into a life they don’t choose.

We’ll be working to raise awareness, but also giving 10% of our proceeds to local organizations in Atlanta that are working to combat human trafficking on a daily basis.

While my primary focus will remain taking care of  YOU, my amazing and wonderful couples and documenting your beautiful stories filled with love, I'll also be reaching out to inspire these 510 Girls. Currently we’ve established this experience for 5th-10th grade girls with limited special availability for younger and older girls and their mothers to participate as well.

I’m beyond thrilled to partake in the two biggest passions of my heart. 1. Documenting stories and capturing emotionally driven images of those you step in front of my lens. 2. Serving others making an impact in their lives. I can't believe how blessed I am to be able to do all these things and walk into work each and every day excited for what lies ahead!

In case you missed it a portion of each wedding I document in 2013 will go to one of the local organizations that works daily in raising awareness and rescuing girls who have been victims of human trafficking. If you'd like to read more about that you can click here.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the brave and beautiful faces I've met recently:


If you'd like to learn more about 510 Girls or know a beautiful girl who would enjoy having her inner beauty captured please visit our site here. Or simply Email us!