When the Value of Photography is Realized | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

Some emails simply send chills down my spine. They stop me in my tracks and remind me of just how important my job is as a wedding photographer. It is on these days and in these emails that I'm reminded why I both love my job, but more importantly why I'm passionate about capturing wedding stories. Stories filled with candid moments and stories that include moments of not only the bride, groom and their wedding party but those of their family and friends as well.
This Spring I celebrated with Andrea and Bryan and their families and these two tied the knot. Both their parents were so proud but Bryan's father was exceptionally filled with joy that day.
I often get asked if I do family pictures and my response is always- absolutely Yes! These value of family pictures truly increases over time as new family members are welcomed and some of the most loved are dearly missed.

While making sure to do the "traditional" looking at the picture images I also love being able to capture a few candids. I just love how the emotion and love are more sincerely felt in these sweet moments shared by the ones we consider most dear to us.

From the moment I captured the image above and a little while later I shot the one below I loved them. I loved how they were so "them". Big smiles and true emotion and love.


It wasn't but a couple of months later I received some heartbreaking news. Bryan's father had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just weeks after the wedding and he lost the fight just a couple of short months later. Heartbroken for the family I instantly went back into the images and was relieved to discover we captured so many candid moments of this great man. Moments filled with joy and love. Moments and images whose value would be absolutely priceless such a short time later.
But it was this email, short and sweet that shook me to my core.
"Tessa, I just wanted you to know these are the last photos we have of my husband, RON, before he got sick. He passed away on Sept 27th and is smiling again, the pics are wonderful! Donna Carbon"
One of the happiest days of their lives was followed by one of the hardest days just a mere 5 months later. I can't imagine or even fathom how they felt and yet  I had a sense of relief knowing that these beautiful last moments and memories filled with love and joy  they had shared would be forever remembered through the images I had captured.
It's in these moments that I'm reminded just how important it is to tell the entire story and how you never know what pictures will hold the most meaning days and even weeks after the wedding.
Many hugs and love go out to Donna and her family- Mr. Carbon was such a great man and he will dearly be missed indeed.