The Road Less Traveled | {Peoria Wedding Photographer}

Oh my goodness... who knew I would have have to leave Georgia to find Spring and bring it home with me!? Easter weekend I took a flight back to Peoria to see the amazing Presley family again and do their family pictures, a belated engagement session, senior pictures and yet another family session for Candace and Sebastian. While in town the first evening I met up with Toby and Annie. I met these two this past July when I was in town for Meggan and Chuck's wedding. Toby was a groomsman and by the end of the day I'd heard it mentioned his little boy was born at 24 weeks the night before and was in the NICU. Knowing I had a little extra time before I left town I asked if he'd be interested in some pictures of his family- he kindly obliged and my life will never be the same. Over coffee and ice cream we shared life stories, they shared about the sudden journey of welcoming their son into the world and the road they faced ahead. They were so proud yet they faced the uncertainty of their itty bitty baby. After this conversation though I knew that together they'd travel the road before them and they'd come out closer and more complete on the other side. They were two strong individuals but together they were unstoppable and their love for each rooted deep in their core. I consider myself blessed to not only be sharing in their wedding story but to call these two friends.

They're getting married next month and I'm counting the days until I see them again... did I mention that I got to play in the snow!? That's icing on the cake folks- when it's sunny and warm and there's still snow on the ground! :)

This is little Gunnar... we'll he's actually a pretty big guy now after you see how little he was when he started this life... less than 2lbs! Check it out here.


The light, the trees, the snow and a super fun couple... yes pelase!

love this one!

They wanted to show me where their wedding will take place... oh how I can hardly wait!

There's nothing that beats a Mid-West Sunset. Nothing.