A Prom Date That Would Change Everything | {Atlanta Engagement Pictures}

When they found another person they could not only laugh with, who they never grew tired of being around but also understood the challenges life brings of being an albino they knew they were living their own fairytale. Ashley and Matt met online but it wasn't via a dating site or Facebook. She was a Senior in high school when they met in an online group created specially for people who live with albinism. She asked him to come to her Senior prom as a friend so he traveled from one coast to another to join his friend for a night of fun. Yep- Matthew calls California home and before that special weekend was over he knew Ashley was a very special friend...

Not long after they started dating and would go spans of six months without seeing each other. Not wanting to face the challenges of living on two different coasts any longer Matthew moved to Georgia to be closer to the one he loved so much and has waited patiently while she finished her college degree.

It was a short evening but I had SO much fun with these two and while I've photographed some really happy and sweet couples I truly believe Ashley and Matthew take the cake. They're so excited to be married and see what life has in store for them ahead.

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