Quality Time & Good Coffee | {Atlanta Engagement Pictures}

I was absolutely thrilled when Carolyn and Tyler asked me to be their wedding photographer and while we looked forward to their wedding next Spring, but while planning their big wedding they brought their plans to a hault and reconsidered what THEY really wanted. They quickly realized a more intimate affair was something that better reflected who they are so with that they moved the date up to this Fall and started planning a much smaller and more intimate celebration. Sadly, the venue and I's schedules didn't correlate but I was most excited to meet these two in person and capture their story thus far. While I typically enjoy summarizing their stories I felt Carolyn said it best... so with that here's Tyler and Carolyn.

Ty and I met in senior engineering class. The funny thing was that we had been in the same classes together all 4 years, and while we only had a class of about 80 I didn't know him, I only recognized him as the guy who wore the Notre Dame cycling sweatshirt. Second semester senior year you get put in small groups to complete a huge senior project, and Ty was in my group. I remember calling my mom and telling her that I had "eye candy" in my group, but of course was too nervous to start something with a guy in my group, I mean if it didn't work out I would have to work for the rest of the semester with him.

One Saturday, which happened to be Valentine's Day, our group decided to meet last minute. He was complaining that he was going to have to go back to his apartment and try to avoid his roommate and his girlfriend having their Valentine's Day dinner, so on a whim I invited him over since I was cooking dinner for my roommates. He ended up accepting my invitation, much to my surprise/what soon turned into panic. So he had dinner with me and my roommates then ended up sticking around, and we stayed up talking the entire night, and the rest is history. 

Tyler's life was changed forever while he lamented about having to crash the Valentines dinner of his roommate. While he may have not known it at the time now the things he values most in life are Being Together (with her) and Good coffee. I make my own at work because cruddy coffee is just not worth drinking.

carolyn_tyler-8 carolyn_tyler-10 carolyn_tyler-14 carolyn_tyler-19

Love this!

carolyn_tyler-23 carolyn_tyler-25 carolyn_tyler-27 carolyn_tyler-30

carolyn_tyler-33 carolyn_tyler-32  carolyn_tyler-34 carolyn_tyler-35 carolyn_tyler-42 carolyn_tyler-45 carolyn_tyler-57  carolyn_tyler-68 carolyn_tyler-73 carolyn_tyler-75 carolyn_tyler-82  carolyn_tyler-86 carolyn_tyler-88 carolyn_tyler-93

We actually had permission to shoot on this gorgeous property... I promise!

carolyn_tyler-94 carolyn_tyler-106 carolyn_tyler-108 carolyn_tyler-116 carolyn_tyler-113   carolyn_tyler-131 carolyn_tyler-133 carolyn_tyler-136   carolyn_tyler-145

Her ring is gorgeous.

carolyn_tyler-146 carolyn_tyler-151 carolyn_tyler-154 carolyn_tyler-156 carolyn_tyler-158 carolyn_tyler-160  carolyn_tyler-163 carolyn_tyler-166

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