Welcoming the Newest Member of the Family | {Meet Molly}

Maggie is really excited to share some news.... well she's actually not that excited and it wasn't until today that she was willing to play but she has a new Sister! I've wanted a Rotweiler for a very long time but know I'll have to wait until the day we have a yard... but that would require house hunting, packing and moving boxes so I'm not in any hurry to go there.

While I was out of town this past weekend my husband went to visit his grandparents who live out in the country. There he met this cute little pup that was very skiddish and didn't know what to think of humans but loved playing chase with Maggie. I kept getting texts about this little pup and the progress he was making in earning her trust.

photo (3)


I told him if he kept sending pictures and messages he was going to have to bring her home.. but I was really kidding more than I was serious but had a feeling that when I got back we may be sharing the house with 2 4-legged kids.

So if you follow me on instagram (thetessamarie) then you may have seen pictures but if not I'm excited to introduce you to Maggie's new friend: "Molly" aka "Spooks".

She loves playing...





and she's actually pretty darn cute




TMS_9765 TMS_9770  TMS_9802

She's escaped a couple of times and nearly gave me a heart attack this morning when she jail broke to the other side of the fence and ran along a very busy road...

She's independent. Silly and already forming a pretty big personality of her own.

We've gained her trust and she's got us both falling in love with her... and eventually I'm sure Maggie will love her too. (once the jealousy subsides of course)