It's one of those things you dream about... It happens to be one of my "really big dreams" and goals I'd set long ago...

and next month one of those dreams comes true.

My "dream" was to have the opportunity to share with other photographers. And now it's happening!

There aren't many things that leave me absolutely speechless.. with the exception a bride and groom reciting their personalized vows and a the father walking his bride down the aisle while both of them try with all their strength to hold back a river of tears... but when I was asked to share at the Summer Sizzle a whole flood of emotions came pouring in.

Excitement. Nervousness. Disbelief.. Pinch myself.. if this really real?

Well friends- it's true. I'm really excited to be sharing about my photography journey from my humble beginnings to the years of wonderful weddings and now my newest little mission... Five Ten Girls. I'm sharing the stage with some of the best in the industry (Ike & Tash and  and Jaelene Brown) to stand alongside these guys is quite humbling.



So if you're a photographer and you're near Springfield I'd love to invite you to come out... it'd be great to meet you!

And because every post is better with a picture isn't Hannah just absolutely gorgeous? She's off enjoying some time in Europe on her honeymoon so stay tuned to see more of her wedding!