In Their Words | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

I know I say it a lot but I really mean it. I have the most wonderful couples that I'm blessed to work with. They trust me not only with their wedding days but enough to do whatever I ask them to.. in order to make the best picture. If that means sitting near a river, laying on the ground or allowing me to climb the tree, bench or ledge above them... they are equally committed to the end result as I am. 
I've started trying to do my best to have them say a few words about their experience working with me as their guests leave for the departure and the night comes to an end. Yes- it would be 100% awkward if you were the one holding the camera as someone talked about you so I have my assistant hold the camera instead. :)
So if you're wondering what couples may say about working with Rachel and I at the end of their wedding day.. wonder no more...
(as I watched this I may have blushed, smiled and sighed thinking, this is the reason I'm so blessed to love my job and work with the worlds sweetest couples)
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