On the way back to the airport...

My trip to California for Mark and Andrea's wedding was quick. I landed on Friday and went home Sunday afternoon but on the way back to the airport I was able to drive up the coastline (hwy 1) and had just enough extra time to make a stop, hike to the top of a hill in hopes of seeing some massive crashing waves... We didn't see any ginormous waves but the fact it was mid-day in August and I was wearing pants and hiked a good bit and never broke a sweat is pretty fabulous if you're from the South. Add to that goodness the sights of sailboats, waves and a a cliff that was several hundred feet tall and it was pretty incredible. One day I hope to drive the entire coastline via Hwy 1 and pull off a few more times because it's absolutely breathtaking looking in BOTH directions!

cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0001 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0004 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0006 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0008 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0011 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0012 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0014 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0016

I think may be my favorite picture. Landscape and people are two very different things to photograph... but it was fun doing something different for a change.cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0020  cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0026 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0028 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0029 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0034 cali_coast_Fine_art_nature_west_coast_travel_destination_wedding_photographer_0036

Oh California.. how I can't wait to return!