Bottomless Wine Glasses to Forever After | {Piedmont Engagement Pictures}

A connoisseur of cheese dip, with the heart for all things "teen" including the vampire diaries and hunger games and a dream to travel to Bora Bora and stay in a little hut on the water, Sarah is a girl who is passionate about life and love. It was a little boy's treasure chest.. aka his grandma's freezer in the basement that was always stocked with frozen pops- his favorite being orange cream. He enjoys sharing brunch and their continual quest for finding the most refreshing bottle of coke. Born in Richmond, he came to the South and met Sarah his freshman year but it wasn't until their paths crossed again the following year he decided to ask her to formal and never looked back. They spent their first date talking and dancing the night away at Speakeasy. From bottomless wineglasses to cookies and milk at the fraternity house it was a night that would change their lives forever.

Thankfully we avoided the rain, though Peyton had requested an "upside down spider man kiss in the rain", Sarah and I were happy to see the sun peek through the clouds ever so briefly and perfectly timed and not a minute too late.

They enjoy living a lighthearted life. I don't know that a smile ever left either of their faces and it was clear to see just how much they not only love one another but enjoy being together. A special thanks to Hannah for coming to help hold Walker when he wasn't part of the pictures!

I wish you guys all the very best! I had SO much fun and look forward to seeing where your lives take you together.

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