Cyber Monday Savings

I'm forever grateful to all the amazing couples and their families that invite me to be a special part of their day. I'm filled with gratitude today and always for you guys not only inviting me in but sharing me with your friends! In celebration of another year that's come and gone. To the 21+ couples whose days made my year one I'll never forget. I just want to say thank you.

Just in case you didn't quite knock out that shopping list on Friday here's some ideas (bundled with savings) that might help. This Christmas give a gift that will continue to give, a gift that will never grow old and a gift that only becomes more special and priceless with time.



To take advantage of the album savings simply shoot me an email and let me know you'd like to purchase your album, one for a loved one or both.

For the Print and Canvas savings simply enter the code at checkout (via your online gallery) for it to be applied.

Recently I've documented love that's grown sweeter with time. The love couples share that have been married a  4, 8, 15 and even 28 years... for many of them this is the first time they've had pictures taken since their wedding day. I've absolutely LOVED getting to show them just how beautiful their love is and would love to do this more. - So if you, a loved one, your spouse, or even your parents haven't had their pictures taken with the one they love most in a couple of years or even decades.. now is the time! Shoot me an email to gift them this session. It comes complete with a beautiful gift card to deliver on Christmas day.

Happy Holidays!



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