Sunshine, Deep Sea Fishing and Friends | {Cabo San Lucas Vacation}

It's a fact that I typically enjoy the cooler weather. It means I get to practically live in my boots, skinny jeans, jackets, scarves and sweaters. Drink lots of hot coca and sit by the fire... well if we had a fire to sit by ... anyways the point being I love the cooler weather but I also love the sunshine. Growing up in Nebraska we had plenty of days below freezing and many with windchill that dipped well past Zero. Cold right? Well with those chilly temps we also had plenty of Sunshine. In fact.. I bet I could count the number of days on one hand that I remember it being gray all day long while living out West. Needless to say we get that many gray days here in Atlanta on a semi-weekly basis. I've adjusted over the years but these days that the sun never comes out to shine are still the hardest and I don't think I'll ever grow to like them... (unless they happen to be a day I can lounge on my sofa, watch movies, eat popcorn and drink hot tea).

So in spite of Winter coming in like a freight train and while getting my own Christmas Card together I thought I'd finally share a little fun from Cabo. We spent our vacation this year at the Grand Solmar.. in fact it's become the one place my husband likes to visit each year (but that's a story for another time all together)...

Some of my favorite childhood memories are fishing with my Grandpa. He still talks about our fishing memories- ice fishing being some of our favorites but needless to say I'd never been deep sea fishing until this Summer. It's been on "my list" forever and I was SO excited to finally have a chance to experience the ocean in a little bitty boat. haha

We went out just as the sun was beginning to rise. So beautiful! (also I need to mention, my friend Kayla and her sister joined us this year and most of these pictures were taken by her.) cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0001 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0002 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0003 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0004 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0005 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0006 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0007

Little did I know 8 hours on a boat included many hours of this...cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0008

When suddenly you'd hear a "zing" as something would hit the line and watch as everyone suddenly came back to life!

They sat me in the chair first... it was SO fun as you really had no idea what was on the other end until you'd been fighting to reel in in for a bit...


Pardon the picture. The thing was FIESTY and HUGE. Yep- I did this one myself. See Grandpa- I still have my mad fishing skills!

These Marlins are beautiful but they are SLIMY too. Yuck. I thought we'd be keeping him in the boat for some good eating later and would get a picture on the shore so I didn't take a lot of time to get a "good" one here. When we said we were done they just turned him loose- the picture of my face then would have been priceless. Wait.. what? You just let my champion fish go? Had I known that I would have gotten a real picture! hahacabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0011 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0012We reeled in lots of tuna that day as well. I think about 7 of them.cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0013

cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0014 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0015

I hope her hubby doesn't get jealous she was lovin' on those tuna fish.

cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0016cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0018 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0019

Took a minute for a picture- I mean it'd been a LONG time before we'd seen any action on the lines when suddenly another took off. cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0020 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0021

This is what happens when you take a couple of photographers out on a boat and go fishing.. "action shots". Credit to Kayla. cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0023 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0024


He was pretty excited as well. (sorry babe, mine was bigger!) :)

cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0025 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0026cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0028 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0029

cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0027 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0030

Before we left Kayla was kind enough to go out to the beach with us and take some pictures. I'm so glad she did as we haven't taken the time to do pictures since! cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0031 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0032 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0033 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0034 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0035 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0036 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0037 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0038 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0039 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0040 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0041 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0042 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0043 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0044

One night while walking back to the resort we couldn't help but take in the sky and the stars. We didn't have a tri-pod so we made do with a concrete slab, some bottle caps and a couple of lens caps. :) Love the long exposures even if they're a little blurry. It's SO beautiful there! Our resort (Grand Solmar) is right under that big "mountain". cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0045 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0046 cabo_deep_sea_fishing_pictures_0047Have you been to Cabo? We've really enjoyed the past two years and I can't wait to get back there again next year! Who wants to join us in 2014!?