When Love Finds You II | {Atlanta History Center Wedding Reception}

Welcome to part 2 of Carolyn and Nick's wedding day. If you missed the first part check out their portraits at the Swan House, the sweet moments shared during their first look and all the getting ready preparations here.
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Invitations: Cheree Berry Paper
Calligraphy: Emily Beach
Bridesmaids Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bari Jay via Bella Bridesmaid

swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0085 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0086 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0087 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0088 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0089 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0090 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0091

The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom share a moment just before they're seated for the wedding ceremony.swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0092 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0093

"There are no words to describe what I felt as those church doors opened and I saw Nick standing at the end of the aisle.  Even though we had already seen each other, it was so overwhelming and emotional to know that in just a few minutes we would be husband and wife.  Another one of my favorite parts of our wedding was that my uncle, who officiated my parents' wedding 25 years ago, also got to be a part of our ceremony.
 So many of our guests told us how his message made our ceremony so sweet and personal."


I absolutely loved Nick's reaction to his bride walking towards him down the aisle. swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0095 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0096 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0097 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0098 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0099 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0100 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0101 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0102 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0103 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0104 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0105 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0106 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0107 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0108

Carolyn's uncle who married her parents 25 years ago.swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0109 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0110 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0111 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0112 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0113 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0114 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0115 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0116

"Our reception was held at the Atlanta History Center, home of the historic Swan House.  The house and gardens are so timeless and beautiful...I couldn't have asked for a more stunning backdrop for our pictures.  We had such a fun time with our wedding party before the ceremony!" swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0117 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0118 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0119 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0120 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0121 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0122 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0123 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0124 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0125 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0126 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0127 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0128 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0129 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0130

"Nick's sister, Lindsey, sang "Can't help falling in love with you" for our first dance." swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0131 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0132 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0133 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0134 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0135 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0136 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0137

"Ok - so whether he likes to admit it or not - Nick is a great singer (yes, it must run in the family).  He has always said that his song for me is "Green Eyes" by Coldplay, because my eyes are his favorite feature of mine.  But I would have never thought in a million years that he would sing it to me on our wedding night...in front of everyone!  He did an amazing job, and it was truly the sweetest surprise."

swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0138 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0139 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0140 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0141 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0142 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0143 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0144 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0145 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0146 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0147 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0148

Nick took his mom all around the dance floor.. absolutely love this picture.. everyone was so excited and proud! swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0149 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0150 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0151 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0152 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0153

"Boston is Nick's favorite city as he grew up going there every year to visit family.  And anyone that knows Nick knows that he has the BIGGEST sweet tooth.  So when it came time to pick out his "groom's cake", he decided to ditch the cake idea and have cannolis!  His Gram brought them all the way from Boston from the world famous Mike's Pastry shop, Nick's all-time favorite bakery." swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0154 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0155 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0156 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0157 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0158 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0159 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0160 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0161 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0162 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0163 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0164

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