When Love Finds You | {Swan House Wedding Pictures}

Oh what a special day it was but I thought the story and all the little details of their day would be told best by the bride herself. So here she is...

"We will always remember October 26, 2013 as one of the best days of our lives.  It was an absolute dream come true to be marrying the love of my life on the most beautiful fall day.  I had been planning for this day for over 11 months, but I had been dreaming about it for much longer.  Nick and I met in college at Georgia Tech, and it didn't take long for me to know that he was the one.  Over the past four years, we have been through so much, and I have loved him more every single day.  When he proposed last November, I immediately started counting down the days until I would become his wife.
Finally, it was here.  I cannot express how loved we felt by our friends and family.  It was so amazing to have people from all over the country (plus 2 from Ireland!), and from all chapters of our lives, gathered together in one room...cheering us on as we began this journey of a lifetime.  I still get goosebumps thinking about how special that is.  We are so thankful to everyone who made our wedding come together so perfectly...from our parents to our wedding party to our incredible vendors...the day unfolded like a fairy tale.  And the best part is this is only the beginning!"
To Carolyn, Nick and your wonderful families. Oh how I absolutely loved getting to celebrate with you guys and look forward to seeing you again. It was an honor to be there with you on your special day but even more so to consider you now dear friends. Hugs to you both!
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Invitations: Cheree Berry Paper
Calligraphy: Emily Beach
Bridesmaids Robes: Plum Pretty Sugar
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bari Jay via Bella Bridesmaid

swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0002 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0003 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0004 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0005

"A few months ago, my mom surprised me with a handmade garter that was made out of the lace from her wedding dress.  Then on the morning of the wedding, my bridal bouquet was wrapped in more of her lace.  It was so sweet to have those pieces of her incorporated into our day...they were the perfect "something old". "swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0007 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0008 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0009A surprise to the groom with his wedding gift was a journal she'd written in everyday since the day he proposed. Seeing his new watch he took no time to toss aside the old and put on the new. swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0010 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0011 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0012

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Carolyn. swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0013swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0015 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0016 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0017 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0018 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0019 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0020 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0021 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0022 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0023 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0024 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0025 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0026 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0027 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0028"My "something new" was a beautiful pearl bracelet that my dad had made for me.  He gave it to me the morning of the wedding...it was such a thoughtful and special gift that I will always cherish." swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0029 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0030 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0031

"Since the girls and I were running a little late getting ready, I was starting to let my stress and nerves get the best of me.  But all of that disappeared when I saw Nick.  Our first look was such a sweet moment that we will never forget.  It was so precious to have a few minutes alone before the craziness of the day began and really soak it up." swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0032 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0033 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0034 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0035 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0036 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0037 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0038 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0039 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0040 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0041

By Rachel...swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0043

Same moment with me. swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0044 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0045 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0046 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0047 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0048 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0049

swanhouse_wedding_pictures_1002 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0050 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0051 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0052

I'm in love with this picture Rachel took. swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0055

swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0168 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0056 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0057 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0058swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0060 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0061

swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0059 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0062 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0063 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0064 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0065 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0066 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0067 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0068 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0069 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0070 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0071 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0072 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0073 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0074 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0075 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0076 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0077 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0078 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0079 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0080 swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0081swanhouse_wedding_pictures_1003swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0083


"Nick and I surprised our wedding party (many of which are GT grads) by renting the Tech Trolley to transport us from pictures to the church.  It was so fun to incorporate a little Ramblin' Wreck spirit into our wedding!" swanhouse_wedding_pictures_0084

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