2013 Recap | {Kristen and Mike}

What an incredible year 2013 was. I've considered doing a "recap" of the year as I've done in previous years but realized I'd never be able to narrow down the post to only a few of my favorite pictures leaving you with a post that may crash the browser before it would load.. so I decided to start a series that will highlight my favorite Image(s) from each wedding of 2013 as well as my favorite moments/memories of sharing in that wedding day. Naturally Kristen and Mike would be first with their gorgeous destination wedding in Savannah, GA.

I still remember my first phone conversation with Kristen and knew then we'd be longtime friends. They were from Jersey and bringing everyone to Savannah, a Southern city that stole their hearts with its quaint charm, history and vast array of restaurants. She studied film in high school and knew her wedding pictures were a priority. She wanted her images to reflect the emotions they would feel that day as well as showcase the beauty of Forsyth park (where they'd be married) and Savannah too.

The weekend of their wedding last Spring we arrived early and took a stroll around town finding locations that we might be able to use the following day. When we dropped by to say hello Kristen and her family welcomed us in with open arms, offered to feed us and introduced us to their family and friends. Kristen and Mike seriously have hearts of gold!

The morning of their wedding day it rained. Poured (as would become the theme of 2013).. leaving puddles all around the city but also cleaning the streets and buildings of the Spring pollen and dust. Thankfully the storm passed and the sun came out to shine just before we headed outside for portraits. Kristen was stunning and their first look on the bridge was such a sweet moment they shared. I so enjoyed getting to spend extra time with these two taking in the beauty that surrounded us before we boarded the trolly with the rest of the party to complete pictures at the park.

It was stunning. Everyone looked gorgeous and we couldn't have asked for more perfect location or weather for their afternoon ceremony. Knowing Kristen had wanted to encompass "Savannah" I took the time to make a set of pictures with some beautiful historic homes in the background. These homes to me along with the park and Spanish moss say, "the South".

They were married in a beautiful ceremony where we soon realized we had an extra photographer trying to steal the show- but thankfully the security guard and her wedding planner were quickly on her case and they left.. just as we we started to realize they didn't belong. :)


savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_pictures_mike_kristen_outdoor_wedding_coral_green_white_011-11 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_pictures_mike_kristen_outdoor_wedding_coral_green_white_042-42 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_pictures_mike_kristen_outdoor_wedding_coral_green_white_096-86 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_pictures_mike_kristen_outdoor_wedding_coral_green_white_101-91-649x1024 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_pictures_mike_kristen_outdoor_wedding_coral_green_white_132-126 savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_pictures_mike_kristen_outdoor_wedding_coral_green_white_139-133-649x1024


At the wedding reception I captured this image. It's one of Kristen's grandmother and her cousin. For some reason, it's one of my favorites.savannah_destination_wedding_photographer_pictures_mike_kristen_outdoor_wedding_coral_green_white_161-161


and then there's the bridge picture. Need I say anymore? It was the perfect night and paired with a couple that share so much love.. it truly couldn't have gotten any better!8371_510975425604718_1849756288_n-1-168Thank you Kristen and Mike for the honor of documenting such a beautiful and special day in your lives and that of your families. I absolutely cherish these memories as well as those we've shared since.. namely being "tourists" and doing the big "New York City 4th of July with our 200,000 closest friends. ;)

Can't wait to visit again soon!


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