Callie and Christyn of We Tie the Knots | {Atlanta and Denver Wedding Experts}

Just before the holidays I had the privilege of taking pictures for my friend's family as well as her and her sister's growing business. Callie is not only one of my friends but she's a super talented and fantastic wedding planner and co-owner of We Tie the Knots. Callie designs and coordinates weddings here in the metro Atlanta area while her sister runs an office and studio in the Denver area. I visited that afternoon to capture a couple of family pictures but also do some head shots for their new website as well. Since their hubbies happened to be close by I couldn't help but ensure they had pictures with them too.

She was insistent that They (herself and Davis) aren't photogenic and take terrible pictures.. but I don't believe it and I have proof to show you this simply isn't true.

I've truly enjoyed not only getting to know Callie but working alongside her as well and her sister was equally as fun and kind. I can't wait for them to announce their new website and business news.. these two are ones to keep your eyes on. Super talented. Super driven and their beauty shines from the inside out.

we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0001 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0002 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0003 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0004 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0005 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0006 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0007 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0008 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0009

Once they were done it was Christyn and her hubby's turn. we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0010 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0011 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0012

Love this. we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0013 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0014 we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0015we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0019

you could so caption this picture, "sisters". These two are awesome! we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0021\we_tie_the_knots_wedding_planning_0031Such a delight to work with and a true treasure to be friends with these two. If you're looking for a wedding expert be sure to check out their work and give them a call. It's a decision I promise you won't regret.