Horses in a Blizzard | {My trip to Nebraska}

As a girl from the Mid-West I always have to chuckle when the "cold" hits the South and how people get so excited/worried/make a big deal of the teen to single digit temperatures. Some of my favorite Winter memories involve a sunny sky, several feet of snow, drifts over the fence line, my siblings and cousins and our toboggan and old sleds. I made a trip back West last month in early December in lieu of traveling over the holidays in hopes of avoiding the snow, icy roads and flight delays... so when the forecast for the week of my stay had one day above zero (like 2 degrees) for the high and it started snowing the morning I flew out of Atlanta.. I knew it was going to be a long day.

It's a 5.5 hour drive to my home from Denver on good roads. When you hit snow half way there and a blizzard about 60 miles later it quickly becomes a 7+hour drive.

These were the GOOD roads.



Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the roads that were my last 70+ miles. They were drifted in most areas and covered in about 3-5" of snow in at a minimum.. and yes the snow plows were out but it was falling and blowing too fast.


I was a bit weary when I had finally arrived. My little "tin car" aka Nissan wasn't a fan of the drifts nor the ice and snow and there was more than one occasion I nearly went into the ditch/crossed into oncoming traffic but was somehow able to gain control after sliding around on the road. It was enough to get my heart racing- that's for sure!

We got 12" of snow and had drifts of up to 4 feet deep! blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0054 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0056

There were several days it was not just "below zero" but the Thermometer read -15 and a couple of times -30! Add even the slightest breeze and you quickly felt it drop another 10-20 degrees.

So if you are to go out in this type of weather this is what you might look like:

Layering is KEY when you're facing bitter temperatures as is keeping your CORE warm.

The sub-Z essentials:

  • long sleeve teeshirt
  • hoodie
  • down vest
  • insulated coat
  • windproof jacket
  • A stocking cap
  • silk scarf
  • gator around my neck and face
  • skinny jeans
  • baggy exercise pants
  • overalls
  • wool socks
  • snow boots
  • 2 pairs of gloves

I believe this is everything. Not only do you stay warm, if you get to moving a lot you'll break a sweat. Sounds crazy but it's true!




So my Aunt and I ventured out one day to take document life that goes on despite a foot of snow and sub-zero temperatures. The life of a rancher in the Winter. We caught a few pictures of the cattle and then had fun with the horses later. I sat in the back of the cake truck and she drove. The brood mares thought hey were going to get some grain so they came a running across the valley and I was able to capture some of my absolute favorite pictures to date!

It was cold. It was still snowing and there's just something tranquil and beautiful of these animals in their natural habitat.


At one point she turned around and the wind started whipping and the snow came up off the back of the truck and I couldn't see anything and quickly realized a side of my forehead was exposed to the elements as it didn't take long before it started to burn and tingle and throb (this is within SECONDS).. so at that point I called it quits and retired to the cab up front.

These pictures quickly became quite popular on Facebook so I put them in a gallery online. You're welcome to order prints if you'd like but I highly recommend the canvases. They bring the pictures to LIFE. Share it with someone you know who loves horses and/or the snow.

blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0096 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0097 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0094 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0095 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0092 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0093 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0090 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0091 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0088 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0089 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0085 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0086 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0087 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0083 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0084 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0080 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0081 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0082 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0078 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0079 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0076

blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0098 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0077 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0073 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0074 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0075blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0071 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0072The next morning we woke up and the sun was shining again but it was also -25+ outside. My Aunt looked out her window and saw the ice in the trees and the sunlight making them so pretty and then suggested how beautiful of a picture that would be. Though I was quite happy and warm inside the house in my shorts and tee I threw on the overalls and my coat and a pair of gloves and waded through the snow (in lower areas it was up to my chest deep) to capture these pictures.

blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0108 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0105 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0106 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0103blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0102blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0101


Here are some "behind the scenes" pictures my Aunt snapped with her phone. **note my amazing fur eskimo hat** That thing was AWESOME!blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0002

blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0009 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0012 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0020 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0014 blizzard_photographer_anything_to_get_the_shot_0003

And this is why I just laugh when here in Georgia they say it's "snowing" and you can barely make out the flurries looking out the window outside. :)