2013 Recap | {Leslie and Jeremy}

It was like I'd known this girl for years. We shared a love for our furry babies and in the months leading up to her wedding we'd meet and take them walking together. We also met the loves of our lives on match.com, both our significant others work in the IT world and we both love and adventure. :) She discovered my website through a friend who years previous to this had gone to prom with another one of my bride's brothers. Kinda random but pretty cool too- considering this was another bride from Jersey. Small world! Leslie and Jeremy got married on a stormy April day mixed with rain, clouds and a little sunshine. Her hair and makeup ladies ran a little late (read 45+min).. you'd expect this to stress anyone out but thankfully Leslie took it with leisure and I continued with my smile though inside I was getting a bit nervous having such a crunch in the timeline..

We traveled to a local park where Jeremy got to see his bride for the first time and from there we continued through their pictures with ease and had loads of fun with their wedding parties as well.

The weather held and so they were married outside at Ivy Mill with a stunning forrest backdrop. Their friends and family traveled from near and far (she 's a jersey native).

Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0031-649x1024 Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0041

This was actually one of those "test the light shots" but I absolutely LOVED it. Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0091Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0191

Getting ready to see your bride should be taken very seriously on your wedding day... Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0211Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0221Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0271Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0361-649x1024 Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0411Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0601Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0631Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0641Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0701Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0831Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0921

as should catching that garter. Ivy_hall_outdoor_wedding_creative_candid_emotional_wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_0951


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