2013 Recap | {Taylor and Ryan}

April was a month spent on the road.. but when you get to travel to destinations like The Rivermill Event Centre and work with couples like Taylor and Ryan.. the miles don't seem so long after all! The Rivermill Event Centre is an old factory. The buildings have been host to half a dozen different business and are now an events facility.. and it's a remarkably beautiful one at that!

While the girls were getting ready Taylor opened a special little blue box from Ryan and inside was a beautiful necklace.. getting into her dress and opening her gift suddenly made her day feel very real. Since her daddy hadn't seen her dressed up yet we made sure he got his own moment with her and it was such a special one too. Tears were shed and as they embraced it took everything I had to hold back tears of my own!

river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_001 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_007 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_011 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_017 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_024

One of my favorite pictures is of Ryan and Taylor walking towards the edge of the property that overlooks the river. I think it's the motion that was captured in the way the wind picked up her dress as she carried it across the grass.  river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_028-649x1024 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_029 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_031 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_039river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_043-649x1024 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_046 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_049

I love her dad giving the "thumbs up". (captured by Rachel) river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_073

I love how you can feel the emotion of the moment by simply looking at her father's hand and how he's embracing his daughters for the last time. river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_077 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_079

Another favorite of the ceremony captured by Rachel. river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_086 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_087 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_090 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_096-649x1024

This evening we were blessed with the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. It only lasted for a few minutes but the light was absolutely stunning and the location we found ourselves in was perfect. Loveeeeeed this! river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_100 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_101-649x1024 river_mill_event_Centre_columbus_ga_outdoor_Wedding_pictures_tessa_marie_weddings_112


A huge thank you to Taylor and Ryan and to your families as well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us, for welcoming us in as if we were family and for ensuring we were taken care of.. even on the day of your wedding. Ya'll are the BEST and I wish you all the love and happiness life can offer.

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